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Meet The Creators

Meet The Creators Of The Fitness DAWGS “Diet And Workout=Great Success!”


Dr. Addie Briggs and Dr. Kim Evans are childhood friends dedicated to improving the lives of children.  As a pediatrician, one of the major challenges Dr. Addie faces in her practice is childhood obesity. Dr. Kim, a Superintendent and life-long educator, believes that education is the key to positively impact lives.  Combining their expertise and love for children, Fitness DAWGS was born in 2017. The mission of Fitness DAWGS is to introduce children to a healthier lifestyle by educating them on good eating habits and physical activity!

 “We want children to have fun while staying healthy.”


Their Story

To understand why reducing childhood obesity is important to us, you must  first know our story. Addie Briggs, MD and Kim Evans, Ed.D., the creators of  Fitness DAWGS, were each other’s first childhood friend. Born six weeks  apart, Addie and Kim grew up under the same roof in a duplex in Petersburg,  VA. As the youngest children in their families, they spent most of their time  playing with each other daily as their older siblings were in school. Around  the age of 6, Addie’s family moved away and the two best friends lost contact  with each other. Until 41 years later, on August 1, 2015 (which ironically is  National Girlfriends Day), Addie spotted Kim in a local restaurant and the two  best friends were reunited.

(Addie & Kim)


During one of their “catching up” moments, they discovered that they both  have a passion for children and have dedicated their lives (Addie as a  pediatrician and Kim as an educator) to improving the lives of children.  While talking about their passion, they discussed the impact that childhood  obesity has on children. As they discussed the challenges that they faced  with weight control as adults, they knew that they wanted to improve the  statistics around childhood obesity for children…. and Fitness DAWGS was